Week Without Walls – Jaffna Narratives


This Week Without Walls (WWW), a week organized by our school and teachers for students to leave the classroom for a week, I chose to go to Jaffna, in the north of Sri Lanka. The civil war only ended recently in 2009, but its interesting to think about how much has changed since 6 years ago. We were given preliminary readings which I spent a lot  of time reading because I knew very little about what happened.

I remember when I gave news of moving to Sri Lanka, my old teacher had told me it has a rich and interesting history. I never thought to explore what she meant. The trip was packed with a lot of activities and required a lot of thinking and reflection, so these readings and knowledge helped me in forming some ideas and a better understanding of Jaffna and its history. The whole trip allowed us to think about the history of Sri Lanka and of Jaffna in particular.

Day 1:
Flying to Jaffna, Bus Rides, My First Hindu Temple, SOS Village
Day 2: Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, Ferry Rides, Jaffna Fort, Good Ice-Cream

Day 3: Early Morning Temple, Jaffna Public Library, Temple Carver, SOS Village Revisted
Day 4: Goodbye Jaffna, Hello Mannar, Sunsets on the Beach, Bonfires

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