Badminton – Getting Started

This semester, badminton is offered again as a SAISA after school activity. I have been playing casually all my life (as expected of a Malaysian). However, I think it is time to shift that mindset and also work developing skills for competitive gameplay. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve only been making small steps since I first joined badminton in Grade 10. In Grade 11,  my progress was interrupted by my commitment to scuba diving. This senior year, especially with other academic commitments, it’s important that I maintain some level of fitness. The best way to do so is by playing a sport I enjoy!

I have a lot of determination to become more of a competitive player in general and learn new skills, rather than simply to make it onto the SAISA badminton team – I think that is too ambitious of a goal at the moment. In short, my primary goal is to become a better player strategically and to stay fit.

So far, I have been able to make it to all of the sessions for badminton. Most lessons have a focus on learning a new skill, be it clearing or a high serve. Focusing on learning a new skill each session has been much more useful than simply playing matches against people.

Look forward to future posts detailing my progress in badminton with images!


My inspiration! World’s #1! (credit)