~*~Fun~*~ Badminton

Despite exam season, I wanted to keep up my action for this last half of the semester by playing some relaxed badminton every week on Mondays, especially since I learned to truly love playing badminton (both competitively and casually) after SAISA!

It was hard to get a court and play badminton with the correct rules but it was interesting because somehow we managed to squeeze 3 people on a court and play 3vs3 match with some 7th graders. I mostly tried to move a lot and practice playing in the back of the court. One of my missions that session was to teach Sadira how to serve (to no avail) but, this attempt meant that, alongside working on my own skills, I should try to take on the challenge of getting Sadira from a not-so-good badminton player to a sub-par player. Hopefully teaching the little I know will also help me develop my own technique. Next week we should definitely try to play a game with proper rules. After a few more sessions, we were able to play on courts doubles and singles, this significantly helped me develop skills more. I worked on my control although it was a big change to go from several practices a week to only on Mondays for ‘fun’.


playing singles with my disciple, Sadira

I think the casual environment is a good way to wind down the senior year but still keep up my fitness. On top of this I have been going for walks over the weekends and so I hope this all will help me continue to be a balanced person later on after the IB.  


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