Color Holi Run – For Charity!


Celebrating 5k with the squad!

On the 11th of March 2017, my friends and I participated in a charity run for 5km, beginning at Independence Square, for the Rainforest Trust of Sri Lanka. In order to participate, we each sponsored saplings to be planted in the Uda Kirawa forest corridor. This is globally significant as the NGO is focused on saving and protecting Sri Lanka’s rainforests in a time where these rainforests are barely surviving the negative impacts of deforestation and climate change. The organization is also interested in sustainability which is something that everyone should be concerned with, keeping in mind future generations. 

In terms of ethical issues, not only did we have a great morning of exercise in the Sri Lankan tropical weather, we were able to contribute and understand the significance of what the money we raised went to support and become more aware of a local issue, and connect it to a larger global problem.


refreshments – photo credits to Illuminate Artists

 Overall, it was a great combination between action, service and fun, which truly made Holi even more of a meaningful celebration than it already is! As you can see, the powder colors thrown at us (which were apparently also biodegradable!) really bring life to the streets of Colombo.


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