Girls for Girls – Emerging as a New Service

We have partnered with Emerge Global (Emerge Lanka) to become the first young group of students to be interested in a long term commitment for the girls who survived sexual abuse in the country! We are also the first group of mentors who are around the same age as them, because most of their mentors are adults. 


our new logo for the service, created by Khalis

Our logo exhibits the bond between us and the girls at the center in a simplistic way through the linking Gs. We are grateful that Khalis could make such an impactful design!

September 1, 2016
We met with two representatives of Emerge Lanka, Kaavya and Alex. Although we had already done a lot of preliminary planning concerning the different activities to do with the girls, our activities were keeping in mind the environment of the shelter (locked gates, not as well lit and other restrictions). They soon told us about how we could become mentors for the girls in the Emerge Center instead of the shelter. This broadened the types of activities we had in mind, since it is a center directly under Emerge. All of the girls in the service group were excited about this! Different activities could help the girls in their reintegration and growth. I am so excited not only to teach them, but to learn from them as well (maybe I will pick up some useful Sinhala or bead-making skills!)

I also made a flyer/poster to raise awareness of our service and its aims, in case there is an event in the future, we can get OSC families and the community involved and interested in what we are doing. It highlights the key issues linked to the service and about the local community as well, through statistics:


September 8, 2016
We visited the center today with Ms. Tassy and Ms. Rangika, our teacher supervisors. It was mostly a visit to survey the different rooms where we could conduct activities. We all went over our plans with Alex and Kaavya again. All the effort that went into decoration was amazing – for example, the girls’ rooms were decorated with different self portraits and framed images with motivational quotes. They said they even worked with psychologists in order to determine what colors were suitable for each room – blue walls were calming and appropriate for the counseling room. 

As you can see above on the right, there was a wall with different positive adjectives and nouns to inspire the girls. It brought the biggest smile on my face to see something so simple, yet so encouraging.

On the left, you can see the yellow wall we are going to paint and make into our own personalized Girls for Girls area (and us being a bunch of cuties)! The girls live and learn in the center for only 3 months before they leave, and Alex and Kaavya suggested it could be the backdrop for the photos when the 16 girls graduate from the center. I hope that this wall can become another source of inspiration for the girls – I want them to pass by it and think of us, but also think of the life ahead of them. Ariana and I have been planning properly for a mural that will convey a meaningful message through this mural, not simply something that is aesthetically pleasing.

I will create another post about the mural making, as it is a lengthy process.
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