Yearbook – Pages on Pages on Pages

Yearbook is still an arduous task. As someone who only picked up InDesign 8 months ago, I’ve really grown a lot in my ability to use the software. I took a lot of liberties in my design as well, trying to create a wide diversity of pages but still incorporating ‘my style’ or twist into it. Now, we are approaching the final deadlines for the Yearbook and I finished most of my assigned pages.

My participation in Yearbook highlighted my ability to collaborate with a small team and tackle problem-solving. I was also open-minded about feedback on my pages and gave constructive feedback on others’ pages when we came together and shared what we had made.

I still have a long way to go, though! I like experimenting with different color schemes a lot. However, sometimes I feel like my design is too uniform. I started looking through the designs of different magazines online and in real life to get a better sense of layout. Even through looking at my seniors’/editors’ pages, I learn a lot of different ways to approach a spread. Picking the right pictures that are eye-catching and appropriate for a spread is also another weakness of mine. I find it difficult when I have to feel careful of unflattering angles, excluding key people involved in the event (a problem encountered last year),  how visible the photos are when printed. I am very meticulous, for better or for worse I’ve yet to find out. I end up constantly editing pages over and over again which is counter-productive.

For next year, I’ll be keeping in mind these goals. On top of that, when the final yearbook is released the feedback from the student body and faculty will be vital. I want to teach others to learn and grasp the basics for the following years to come in the way that the seniors and our teacher supervisor did for me. 

I’m helping with editing pages and trying to take on more pages while I can. I see all of these opportunities as extra practice to get more experience and feedback in graphic design, rather than a burden.


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