Yoga – The Wind-down

I started Yoga last block for after school activities in order to have a change in pace of activity. I decided after Badminton, I needed to try something less fast-paced and that would counteract with the restlessness I felt due to increasing IB workload. I was slightly skeptical since I had never tried yoga before and it would be a true test of my concentration.

I found that it was also very emotionally grounding. It was good to become aware of the concentration problem I had. There was a combination of meditation and physical activity and the instructor also made it a habit to find out how we were feeling and to talk about our wellbeing, in terms of ego, mindfulness, etc., guiding us with the use of music.


yoga block 3 we out

I tried something new and outside of my comfort zone whilst also realizing the importance of considering the elements of emotional strength and physical strength as one unit. I’m glad that I was able to become less overwhelmed with thoughts during these lessons; I am a chronic over-thinker and so this was a good first step to just be aware of my thoughts, but not overreact on them. I hope I can continue Yoga next term, but I think I would also like to try Badminton again.



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