Yoga – The Wind-down

I started Yoga last block for after school activities in order to have a change in pace of activity. I decided after Badminton, I needed to try something less fast-paced and that would counteract with the restlessness I felt due to increasing IB workload. I was slightly skeptical since I had never tried yoga before and it would be a true test of my concentration.

I found that it was also very emotionally grounding. It was good to become aware of the concentration problem I had. There was a combination of meditation and physical activity and the instructor also made it a habit to find out how we were feeling and to talk about our wellbeing, in terms of ego, mindfulness, etc., guiding us with the use of music.


yoga block 3 we out

I tried something new and outside of my comfort zone whilst also realizing the importance of considering the elements of emotional strength and physical strength as one unit. I’m glad that I was able to become less overwhelmed with thoughts during these lessons; I am a chronic over-thinker and so this was a good first step to just be aware of my thoughts, but not overreact on them. I hope I can continue Yoga next term, but I think I would also like to try Badminton again.



Prison Outreach – Holi Fundraiser

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.00.10 PM.png
On the day of Food & Fun Fair that our school’s PTA hosts, we decided to hold a Holi event at the same time and fundraise for the prison’s children and to raise awareness of the issue. We also thought it was a good way to  engage our school in a cultural celebration since it hasn’t been celebrated on school grounds in a long time.

We decided this because the prison was busy with other organizations working with the children. It prevented us from visiting them regularly as we once did I think it was still a good way to get the group actively engaged in some sort of planning. Together we thoroughly planned this event: from how to get powder, how to organize and promote the event, to cleanup.

The Holi event was a big success and went smoothly. We ran out of Holi powder quickly but for the good hour and half, a fair amount of people gathered and gave us tickets to play with their friends. We earned around 11,300Rs, for our idea to bring them outside of the prison for trips to the zoo and other supplies, such as cleaning supplies, bedsheets and toys.

I’m glad many people enjoyed it and were interested in the cause. Some people came solely to donate. I hope we get to see the children and provide them with more happiness.