Prison Outreach – Mural on Children’s Ward


possible mural draft design that I created (handprint credit)

On the 14th of January, 2016, our service went to gather the measurements of the prison for other external painting jobs that the maintenance staff of the prison should paint. I made a document organizing the information and what we decided needed to be painted, as per what Ms. Rangika (our teacher supervisor/leader) had suggested:

The prison has already accepted to paint these walls and replace the door.
For our personal mural, the painting date was postponed several times by the prison due to a new commissioner of the prison and now due to International Women’s Day, other groups are working in the prison and therefore we couldn’t go.  However, Ariana, one of the leaders of the service, managed to get a sponsor from the German Embassy to go ahead and provide funds for the paint supplies needed to paint this wall of the children’s ward in the prison.

We are still working on making sure this can be filmed and recorded, despite the strict rules of the prison, because we want some lasting memory of it and to be able to share it with our OSC community what this service has achieved recently.

For now, in the upcoming Food & Fun Fair that our school hosts, we will have an opportunity to hold a Holi fundraising event and there will be more news on that as the date approaches.

Update: unfortunately, even after several attempts at contacting the prison to repaint walls and fix the daycare with our contributions, we had to wait weeks upon weeks until the school year came to a close and they had kept stalling the process… however, I am still satisfied with the design and our initiative. I hope the paints we did give to them went towards good use.


MUN – Conference @ Cinnamon Lakeside

MUN was hard to follow through with. They changed the dates this year which crammed every practice debate and event into two months, and with very little preparation while juggling schoolwork at the same time, I had lacked any enthusiasm to sit down and focus on it. It also killed my confidence in speaking when I didnt have enough research, sometimes I couldn’t find the right time to speak up on an issue. The practice debates were helpful in understanding the core of what committee is concerned with as the Third Committee of the General Assembly,  dealing with Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Affairs and human rights issues: we looked at women’s empowerment; drug trafficking & the black market; and the  sex tourism industry. 


Nevertheless, MUN was a very interesting and important experience for me, in terms of researching and attempting public speaking. I prepared lengthily for the final conference for the big topic of: dissecting transitional justice and its implications with regards to social development. I learned a lot about this complex topic a lot through different reports and through the lens of my country which helped me improve my researching and synthesizing skills. I learned a lot from the way people spoke and it helped me understand how to approach a topic and how to talk on a subject in a diplomatic manner.


I think I will consider trying MUN next time as a delegate again, learning my mistakes in time management, or perhaps find some other way to expand my public speaking skills, maybe by assuming more leadership roles in the future. Although I still have many doubts about speaking in front of so many people, this was a huge step for me personally.


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