Scuba Diving – eLearning and Dives

I started the scuba diving session recently and so far, I enjoy it very much. I chose to do scuba diving this part of the semester so in the future, I can explore more dive sites especially in my home country, Malaysia, and I know it would be a challenge for me because its something I’ve never done before.

Despite the challenge, the practical dives help me review what I learned in their online eLearning course. The eLearning course teaches skills and general knowledge about being a diver. I hope I can perform better and improve because I am definitely determined on putting a lot of effort in this Open Water Diver course and to have fun. 

So far I’ve completed 4 of the 5 confined water dives, where we used our scuba gear in the OSC pool. Those aided me a lot on strengthening my skills and learn how to apply everything I read and studied via the eLearning.  


underwater camera of our 3rd and 4th confined dive in OSC pool

In the confined dives I felt very motivated and did not get discouraged easily, although I did get upset whenever I couldn’t master a skill after I tried many times. In the end I got into the mentality to calm down and to focus more on perfecting and developing whatever skill I need rather than rushing and trying to get it completed within a certain time. Im grateful for the instructors, Jurgen, Jehan, and Anjileen, who were encouraging us, having patience with us and generally give us tips. On Saturday, November 28th 2015, we are going to have our first two open water dives at Hikkaduwa. 


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