MUN – Workshop & Introductions

On Saturday, November 26th 2015, the MUN delegates were invited to go to an introductory workshop where we not only learned about procedure, but also details about how to be a successful and make an impression during conferences and about our specific committees. It prepared me well, especially as a new delegate with not a lot of experience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.45.00 AM copy.png

slides from the powerpoint presentation given by executive committee members

Lately we have also been practicing debate within our own MUN after school meets. We’ve been discussing ISIS and its implications on world security. It helps loads because we can apply the skills and advice that was given to us during the workshop. I’m looking forward to working and developing my speaking and researching in order to be prepared for the practice debate on December 12th.



Yearbook – Planning, Practice Pages

I joined the Yearbook this year to develop my own graphic designing skills and to understand the importance of working with a team of people to create a big product that takes a lot of time and commitment. This is because for many, the yearbook exhibits not only the school’s spirit but all the memories of the school year. It is such a precious and important product for the students and faculty. It should be straight-forward, original, and generally aesthetically pleasing. I want to make a change to the yearbook with the rest of the team to achieve those goals; not only to satisfy the school as a whole, but create something together we are all proud of and ready to release.

I am currently a page editor; I have been assigned a total of 18 pages, 6 of which are dedicated to Service Learning and 12 Events pages. I have a quite a bit of responsibility considering the many diverse service groups we have, and the Events are very central to a yearbook (what most people usually look through).

The first problem I faced was that I’m not familiar with the software that they use, Adobe InDesign. The willingness of other Yearbook team members to teach me has aided me to understand it better. I made a lot of progress from where I began. Here are some previews of templates I’ve made so far: I also decided to show a step by step:


examples spread after yearbook members’ feedback

In OSC, the time and commitment for yearbook is possibly more significant than I have dealt with previously. OSC’s yearbook team is a very small one (a team of 8 people, 6 students) making it very hard to split up editing and design responsibilities.

Yet, we are a strong team of people who can collaborate with ease, even though our individual yearbook workload is hefty. I think after my first meeting I found out we are all very creative and unique individuals who bring all sorts of different ideas to the table. We would discuss and consider alternatives before coming to a conclusion. I know that this yearbook will fare well because of our great cooperation so far. I’m looking forward to contributing more to the club!

Scuba Diving – eLearning and Dives

I started the scuba diving session recently and so far, I enjoy it very much. I chose to do scuba diving this part of the semester so in the future, I can explore more dive sites especially in my home country, Malaysia, and I know it would be a challenge for me because its something I’ve never done before.

Despite the challenge, the practical dives help me review what I learned in their online eLearning course. The eLearning course teaches skills and general knowledge about being a diver. I hope I can perform better and improve because I am definitely determined on putting a lot of effort in this Open Water Diver course and to have fun. 

So far I’ve completed 4 of the 5 confined water dives, where we used our scuba gear in the OSC pool. Those aided me a lot on strengthening my skills and learn how to apply everything I read and studied via the eLearning.  


underwater camera of our 3rd and 4th confined dive in OSC pool

In the confined dives I felt very motivated and did not get discouraged easily, although I did get upset whenever I couldn’t master a skill after I tried many times. In the end I got into the mentality to calm down and to focus more on perfecting and developing whatever skill I need rather than rushing and trying to get it completed within a certain time. Im grateful for the instructors, Jurgen, Jehan, and Anjileen, who were encouraging us, having patience with us and generally give us tips. On Saturday, November 28th 2015, we are going to have our first two open water dives at Hikkaduwa.