Debate – Elizabeth Moir

On September 25th 2015, I was invited to go to a debating competition at another international school in Colombo, Elizabeth Moir, against other debating teams in Colombo. I went along with Shloak, Sanoj and Ariana; Shloak and Sanoj were familiar with this type of competition before, whereas Ariana and I went for the first time. I had very little prior experience in the style of debate that took place, making it was a huge challenge for me personally.

With barely any preparation for this competition, I think I identified my strengths and weaknesses in debate. I know I can listen attentively and contribute some arguments, but I need to work on articulating it with the confidence that most of the debaters had. It was great to also debate about issues of global importance. We participated in the two debates as the opposition to motions that allowed us to consider the ethical implications of giving parents a choice to implant GPS trackers in their children, and whether we should prevent climate change or adapt to it. As a team, we supported each other. We helped each other and identified how we could strengthen our ideas. It seems like we worked very well in the small time constraints given to formulate our points. Everyone had a respective role (1st speaker, 2nd speaker, 3rd speaker) and it was necessary to cooperate with one another. 

writing notes/planning for the first debate (20 minutes)

Although we may not have won that day for either debates, it’s safe to say I wasn’t disheartened because I learned a lot of new skills which will aid me in MUN and any other further debating experiences. I became familiar with the style of debate (British Parliamentary style) and how to develop arguments. It helped the most to be around very experienced debaters albeit that I was a very weak one. I was challenged to work harder – after all, everyone starts off somewhere, and I plan to keep working to develop my debating skills.


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