DP1 IB CAS Goals

Welcome to my CAS blog! This post marks the beginning of my journey in the IB.

My CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Goals, Sept. 8, 2015

This year, I’m participating in yearbook, MUN, and (hopefully) looking to continue digital art and traditional painting. I have yearbook experience from my previous school even though I did not join yearbook last year. This time I would like to improve my graphic design and experiment with the yearbook team. MUN is an activity out of my comfort zone; although I like to engage myself in global issues, I have severe stage fright and lack of public speaking skills. With my involvement in MUN I will learn to combat this. This is my more prominent commitment in the creativity area. Otherwise, in a more relaxed environment, I am continuing self-taught digital art and painting, something I have been doing seriously for a good 7 years. Since I am not taking Visual Arts as a IB course, I think it’s important I still pursue art as a hobby. I could join the art club to aid me as well.

My Activity activities are a work in progress. For the future, I would like to participate in badminton and scuba diving. Previously I had joined badminton, therefore by continuing to work on my badminton I can evaluate my progress from last year. I hope to learn how to play more competitively by developing and strengthening certain skills and my own general determination. Scuba sparked my interested after I visited the ocean near my father’s hometown in Malaysia. It seems demanding in terms of commitment, swimming skill and knowledge, yet I’m willing to take the challenge in order to explore the oceans of Sri Lanka and try something completely new.

I joined a brand new service group for the next year, currently called Prison Babies. It’s a service dedicated to aiding imprisoned women and their children that are born behind bars. Not only will we care for their children, we’re looking towards generally improving their prison lives; in the long run, we’ll learn how to teach necessary life skills to the women in order to ease their transition when they are released out of prison. By working in this service, I hope I can understand the problems that women in prison face, while making a positive impact on their lives. I believe this service will allow me to become more open-minded by being exposed to conditions I am unfamiliar with. Personally, the communication and thinking involved might pose a challenge, especially as a new group of people in a brand new service. However, I hope I can contribute my fullest in planning and working collaboratively beforehand in order to establish a good foundation for the group.


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